About ReachoutX

Have you experienced violence or abuse in your family or in the community? And are you afraid or hesitant to report to the police?

You can now use ‘Reach out X’ to help you report to the police and make sure you get the right support afterwards. Reach out X consists of a toll-free SMS line and a website to get in touch with the police.

How does it work?

If you have experienced or witnessed violence or abuse in your family or in your environment, you can send a free SMS to XXX or fill in the report form on this website. The especially trained police receives your message and will reach out to you with an SMS to the phone number you used or left behind. They will approach you in a respectful and private way. They will first ask if you need urgent assistance and if so, where you are located. If it’s less urgent, they will explore with you which next steps to take to help you in the best way.

The police works together with clinics and social workers to ensure you receive the services that you need. Nothing happens without your consent, unless you or someone else is in immediate danger.

For whom?

Reach out X is a pilot project that runs in Bobonong, Lepokole and Molalatau. Reach out X is for all ages: from small children, to youth, adolescents, adults and elderly. Anyone who has experienced or witnessed violence or abuse in the family or in the community can use this helpline. It can concern all forms of child (sexual) abuse, gender-based violence or domestic violence.

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